Condiciones generales de venta



Unless otherwise stated in our documentation, orders we receive and markets we deal with are subject to the terms of sale hereinafter, which prevail over all terms of purchase. These terms and conditions apply to all services provided and all sales of products performed by AGDIA-EMEA.All moral people ordering from the website take in its part whole acceptance of the general sale conditions of AGDIA EMEA. This document can be read on the website and will prevail on all the client’s buying conditions.

  1. Orders

All orders have to be faxed, sent by mail or by e-mail to the AGDIA EMEA company. No orders are taken on the phone. The client has to give the complete denomination of each product, the code number and the quantity, corresponding to the minimum of packaging.

  1. Delivery

2.1 Delivery is made to the address given by the customer.

2.2 Delivery times eventually communicated by AGDIA EMEA are only an indication and the possible delay doesn’t allow the customer to cancel the order, to refuse the products or to ask for any form of compensation.

2.3 The product risk transfer takes place at the date and the place of shipment designated by the customer under reserve of property.

2.4 Property reserve clause; AGDIA EMEA keeps the property of the sold products until the total payment. The customer can use the product in the terms of its normal activity, but will not be able to transfer the property in terms of guaranty, as long as the products are AGDIA EMEA’s entire property. The delivery of a certificate creating an obligation to pay (draft or other) does not constitute a payment in the sense of the present clause. Any payment not received by the stipulated date at our invoice address shall provoke the demand of the products. The customer will have to inform AGDIA EMEA, with no delay, by registered letter, of all attempts from a third party to seize the product.

2.5 No cancellation will be accepted for error in product description or quantity. Quote acceptation is firm.

  1. Price

3.1 Prices are based on the prices in effect on the day the offers are issued.

3.2 AGDIA EMEA reserves the right to modify the prices, at all moment with no notice.

  1. Terms of payment

4.1 Payments are payable within thirty (30) days from the date of conclusion, by bank transfer, credit card or all other payment agreed in the specific conditions. For special case, the payment will be made in advance. Please see the invoice.

4.2 Any payment not received by the stipulated date at our invoice address shall bear interest rates at the bank charge rate of 1.5 times the legal charge rate, per day late, without prior notice.

4.3 Payment shall include discounts.

  1. Guarantees

5.1 AGDIA EMEA guarantees the good functionality of its products and the conformity to AGDIA EMEA’s specification in place at the shipment date for the following periods:

– ELISA reagents, accessories, Flashkits®: validity period figures on packaging.

5.2 In case of complaint, the products returned will be examined by AGDIA EMEA’s Control service. No product can be returned without written notice and an agreement with AGDIA-EMEA.

5.3 AGDIA EMEA will not be responsible for not respecting the using instructions specified in the technical procedure.

5.4 AGDIA EMEA guarantees that the products manufactured and commercialized by AGDIA and AGDIA EMEA are placed in a quality control system from reception to commercialization. Each product is controlled and is commercialized only if it’s conforming to the acceptation criteria and that the documentation relative to the production and the control of each product is conserved.

  1. Reclamation

6.1 No reclamation will be accepted after 8 days following the date of delivery. The product with a conformity default, reported within the timeframe, will be replaced or fixed. No form of compensation will be given.

6.2 All reclamation has to be addressed by the customer to AGDIA EMEA and mention:Product code, lot number, date of delivery, reason of the reclamation.

7) Jurisdiction and applicable law

Any dispute relating to an order received by AGDIA EMEA shall be settled, according to French law by the commercial court of Evry in which our Company’s registered office is located.