Agdia Commercializes ToBRFV ImmunoStrip® to Complete Diagnostic Suite

Agdia, Inc. (Elkhart, IN) has added an ImmunoStrip® to their Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) diagnostic suite. Their ImmunoStrip® for ToBRFV is the third diagnostic assay launched by Agdia in the first half of 2021 for detection of this pathogen. Their high-specificity ELISA assay for ToBRFV was released on January 7, followed by a rapid molecular AmplifyRP® XRT for ToBRFV on January 12.

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus is a resistance-breaking Tobamovirus that causes severe economic losses in solanaceous crops, including Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) and Capsicum spp. (pepper). It causes symptoms typical of Tobamoviruses that include mosaic and chlorosis on the leaves and discoloration and deformation of the fruit.  These symptoms decrease yield and render fruit unmarketable.

Tomato and pepper seeds, transplants and fruits from certain countries are subject to a USDA-APHIS Federal Import Order in the United States. Tomato brown rugose fruit virus has also been classified as a quarantine pathogen by EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization).

Agdia’s ImmunoStrip® for ToBRFV has been validated for use with tomato, pepper and petunia samples and has been tested against ToBRFV isolates from around the globe.

Cross-reactivity was observed with a Tomato mottle mosaic virus (ToMMV) sample. Very mild cross-reactivity was observed with Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) samples. No other cross-reactions were observed when testing other Tobamoviruses, including Bell pepper mosaic virus (BPeMV), Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV), Kyuri green mottle mosaic virus (KGMMV), Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV), Tobacco mild green mosaic virus (TMGMV), and Zucchini Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (ZGMMV).

Agdia’s ImmunoStrip® platform provides end-users with a high level of utility. ImmunoStrips® are fit for use in the lab or in the field by those having no previous diagnostic experience, and results are visualized within 30 minutes.  Increasing levels of market demand persists for field-deployable plant pathogen detection products and Agdia maintains they will continue to expand this area of their catalog.