Potato Virus Y

Acronym : PVY

Producto # : 20001

Detection of Potato virus Y

Potato fieldPotato Virus Y is a plant virus from Potyvirus family. Generally, it infects plants of Solenaceae family as potato, tomato, tobacco and pepper. PVY is the main disease that infects potato crops. Infected seeds are smaller, embossed and light green to dark green mottled.

The virus PVY is transmitted by aphids. It can be acquired from the infected plant by contact within seconds, and transmitted to a healthy plant just as fast. This transmission process is called “non-persistent”.

There is different strains of PVY : PVY-o which is the common strain and causes mosaic symptoms, PVY-c recognizable thanks to its stipple streak and PVY-n, the necrotic strain, generally causes mild foliage symptoms, but necrosis in the leaves of susceptible potato varieties.

Available kits for the detection of PVY

Complete ELISA kit : Pathoscreen®

For Triple Antibody Sandwich (TAS) ELISA Capture antibodies: Polyclonal Detection antibodies: Monoclonal


Reagent set

Only SRA tests For Triple Antibody Sandwich (TAS) ELISA

Detection or coating antibodies

Contain : detection antibody (bottle A) and enzyme conjugate (bottle B) Only SRA (TAS Triple Antibody Sandwich -ELISA)

Conjugate antibodies

Only SRA (TAS Triple Antibody Sandwich -ELISA) Positive and negative controls are available.

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