About us

We provide products and services to different industries and professionals as seed, growers, plant research and diagnostic laboratories.

We work closely with people coming from different industries (ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and field crops) to contribute to the control of plant pathogens and help to the development of new varieties and to lot production quality control.

Our GMO diagnostic solutions are used mainly by seed companies and breeders to perform their new trait development and production quality control.

Our Mission is to contribute of the development of high quality and yield production, by providing reliable, innovative tools for the detection of plant pathogens and transgenic traits.

Our Values: Customer satisfaction, Responsibility, Performance.

Our Ambition is to become the leading brand for plant pathogen diagnostic solutions tools and expertise by being able to understand and anticipate the concrete and evolving needs of our customers and partners. To reach this objective, we daily involve all of our teams to the research and the development of new, reliable and innovative solutions to help our customers to create value for their own businesses.

Our 30 years old allowed us to accumulate expertise in the field of plant pathogen through our employees, customers and scientific collaborations through all over the world.

Agdia EMEA history facts:

In 1988 Dr. Marc Masson created the Biofords Consultants Company to provide expertise and consulting to plant companies and breeders for the transfer of variety creation processes, development and maintain.

In 1993, Biofords Consultants developed a commercial partnership with the Linkage Genetics Inc. Company; an American company specialized in the development of molecular markers. This collaboration is developed until 1999 for the sales of genomic programs in Europe.

In 2000, Biofords started to sell quick diagnostic tests for plant GMO and plant pathogens.

In 2001, Biofords signed a distribution agreement for Europe with Agdia Inc., an American company specialized in the development of serological tests for the detection of plant pathogens and GMO.

In 2005, through an exclusive agreement Biofords   became the commercial platform of Agdia Inc. for Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Thanks to the successful sales development, Biofords became in 2009 the Agdia EMEA company.

In 2016, Meeko Holding acquired all the shares of Agdia EMEA and reinforces the links with Agdia Inc.

Agdia Inc. presentation:

Agdia Inc. is an American company located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. Agdia has been founded in the beginning of 80’s by Dr. Chester Sutula (Excellence in Industry American Phytopathological Society Award) to adapt the ELISA technology to the development of diagnostic test for the Agricultural markets.

Today, Agdia Inc. is one of the leader in the field of Traits and plant pathogen detection (virus, bacteria and fungi), and quantification of plant hormones.

Agdia Inc. employs about 60 people with the third dedicated to R&D. Agdia acquired a good and strong reputation thanks to the several partnerships and collaborations with the American scientific network: USDA, Cornell, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington universities, etc…