“How to” videos


“How to” videos : DAS-ELISA

Plant pathogens detection tests, like DAS–ELISA (Pathoscreen®) can be performed in 4 main steps. You will find in the following demonstration videos all the tips needed to do the test by yourself even if you did not know the technique before. BE CARREFUL, for exact instructions ; please follow the instructions sent with our kits.

Video n°1: How to coat an ELISA plate?

In this “How to” video, we will show you how to coat your ELISA 96 wells plate. From the capture antibody preparation with the appropriate buffer to the coating and washing steps.

Video n°2 : How to prepare your samples for a DAS-ELISA test ?

In this second “How to” video, you will learn how to prepare your samples to be tested by ELISA test. You will have to prepare the specific buffer, then weight, grind, dilute and add your samples on the ELISA plate previously coated.

Video n°3 : How to use the enzyme conjugate ?

The third step of a DAS-ELISA test is the preparation of the enzyme conjugate antibody. You will see how to dilute the enzyme conjugate antibody with the appropriate buffer, then how to add this solution on your ELISA plate wells and finally how to incubate the plate.


Video n°4 : How to read the ELISA test results ?

Your DAS-ELISA is almost finished! In this last ELISA “How to” video, you will discover how to reveal and read your results. Two techniques are detailed. So, is your test positive or negative?


“How to” video : ImmunoStrip

In this demo video, you will discover how to use our easy and rapid detection test for plant pathogens, the ImmunoStrips®. You will learn how to prepare your sample for the test and read the results.

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“How to” video : AmplifyRP

You will learn with this video how to do a rapid molecular test to detect plant pathogens with our test kit AmplifyRP®. All the important steps are detailled : samples preparation, rapid and easy samples amplification, test with the detection chamber and results reading with the strip.

“How to” video : GMO detection

Thanks to this video, you will discover how to perform GMO detection tests with ImmunoStrips. This is a reliable and rapid test which can be perform on single seed, bulk seed and leaf!