R&D and innovation

researcherSince 1981, Agdia has pioneered the introduction of testing methods and technologies to the agricultural industry.  We were one of the first companies to harness the diagnostic capabilities of ELISA for detection of plant pathogens. Today, billions of plant samples are tested using ELISA and it continues to be one of the most trusted and economical screening methods for determination of plant health.

There have been many advances to testing technology with the use of traditional and advanced nucleic acid detection platforms like PCR.  Agdia has been at the forefront of these technologies by offering group and pathogen specific PCR tests, as well as many nucleic acid hybridization assays.
One of our missions has always been to advance plant science to offer our customers easier, faster, and more reliable testing methods.  Agdia’s ImmunoStrip® testing platform enabled users of all skill levels to assess plant health in and out of the laboratory.  We have now expanded that mission to providing portable and ultra-rapid DNA analysis through our AmplifyRP® platform, which provides nucleic acid amplification and analysis in as little as 30 minutes with no DNA or RNA purification.

The future of plant diagnostics is an exciting and important frontier.  As we have for more than 30 years, we welcome opportunities to work with industry and scientific leaders throughout the world to continue our mission of advancing plant science.  Agdia employs several PhDs and knowledgeable scientists with vast areas of expertise in serology and molecular biology.  We are eager to work with Universities, private industry, and government agencies to bring new assays and technologies to the industry that provide diagnostic solutions to real-world problems.

If you have an idea for a new test or technology, and are seeking a commercial partner, contact Agdia.  We work on multiple contract projects annually and would love to learn more about your needs.

Agdia’s Commitment to Quality   

Agdia has a long history of serving the diagnostic needs of agricultural production with products and services that our customers can depend on for quality, reliability, and ease-of-use.  Each product that Agdia commercializes is developed according to a strict product development process.  This process is designed to ensure that our products meet or exceed the specifications of their intended use, as well as, ensure product stability for long term storage.

We manufacture all of our products in-house and are GMP compliant.  A great deal of care, precision, and quality control goes into manufacturing each one of our products.  For example, all Agdia pre-coated plates are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that is designed for precision and accuracy.  Reagent sets are always dispensed fresh, at the time of order, by skilled technicians who are performance tested to pipette within a 2% CV.  ImmunoStrip products are produced using advanced equipment in environmentally controlled rooms which ensures consistent lot-to-lot production.

Each lot of Agdia product also undergoes thorough quality control (QC) testing to provide our customers confidence that each time they purchase from us, they will receive a consistent and high quality product that they can trust.

We realize that customers have options when it comes to diagnostic providers.  Our commitment to quality and industry leading customer service has set us apart from other diagnostic providers for more than 30 years.  If you are an Agdia customer, you already understand that difference, and we thank you for your continued support and loyalty.  If you are not already an Agdia customer, please contact us and let us show you the difference.