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All questions about Flashkit

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Why does the ImmunoStrip have no control line or a weak control line?

Why do my test result appear to be weak? Is there a problem with my test?

I left my ImmunoStrip container out of the refrigerator overnight. Are my tests still usable?

How reliable are my test results?

There is a green line where the test line should be. What causes this and how should I interpret the result?

At test completion, I interpreted my result as negative. Now, the test has dried and I can see a line. What does this mean?

All questions about ELISA

ELISA test

Why isn’t my ELISA producing any color?

Can I coat plates and then store them?

Why did color appear in all my testwells?

Why did color develop in all wells along the edge of the plate?

Why did unexpected color develop in wells near positive samples or positive controls?

Why did I get what appears to be false positive results with my samples?

Why are my positive results weak?

Why does one of my test components have an odor of decay?

How long does it take to perform an ELISA test?

What are the ideal temperature ranges for storing and performing the test?

All questions about AmplifyRP®


What advantages does AmplifyRP® offer compared to conventional or real-time PCR?

Do I need special training to use AmplifyRP®?

What part of my ground sample should I use to test?

What happens if I add more than 1 µl per reaction?

Can I use an extraction buffer other than the recommended buffer in my test?

What happens if I incubate the reaction at a high temperature?

What happens if I incubate the reaction at a low temperature?

What happens if the heat supply has been interrupted?

Do you have a protocol for insect or other tissues?

Can I retrieve the strip from the detection chamber for my own records?

What should I do if my reaction tube lid pops open before I secure it in the chamber?

How do I dispose of the completed test reaction?

Does this test include an internal reporter (housekeeping) control like some PCR reactions?

What should I do if the product appears damaged?

Who can I contact if I have questions about the test performance?