Agdia has started its activity in the early 80s decade as a Testing Services Laboratory for the potato industry. More than 30 years later, Agdia Testing Services is one of the biggest, high throughput plant pathogen laboratories in the world, serving all the agricultural sectors.  Thanks to its strong experience as a testing service laboratory, Agdia has been able to develop a solid product line especially made for diagnostic laboratories.
Today, thousands of laboratories, all over the world use Agdia ELISA kits on a routine basis, helping the agricultural industry to produce pathogen free, healthy crops.

All our products are tested for sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability and robustness Our kits are especially designed to provide reliable results using fast and user friendly protocols as well as consistent results year after year and lot after lot, facilitating results interpretation and optimizing your laboratory testing process.
All Agdia tests are validated internally and externally, in collaboration with independent Research Institutes and Universities. The tests are challenged against representative collections of isolates and strains collected worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question concerning the use of Agdia kits in your lab, we can offer you the most adequate products and services to satisfy your customers or achieve you research projects.

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